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What Sets Us Apart

Starting Children on the Path to Lifetimes of Healthy Smiles!

A child’s early dental experiences have a lasting impact on their lives. The more positive their visits, the more comfortable they are in the dental office.

At Frederick Pediatric Dental Associates, everything we do is toward the goal of building a healthy and trusting relationship with each patient. In doing so, we help children feel confident and safe, so they grow up with good dental habits and mature into young adults with bright and healthy smiles!

Our doctors – Dr. T.P. Sivakumar, Dr. Savithri Sivakumar, Dr. Emily Little, Dr. Kevin Banks, Dr. Sruthi Paimagham, Dr. Sagar Patel, Dr. Nikki Fischbach and Dr. Wendy Daulat – are highly-experienced, well-trained pediatric dentists. They are also warm, patient, and kind, treating every young patient as family.

Your Child’s Dental Home

Our doctors and team members share the same practice philosophy: a focus on education and prevention to build positive habits that will help the patient maintain a lifetime of healthy smiles.

  • We strive to make any necessary treatment as comfortable as possible, praising and encouraging the child throughout the process. Good behavior is always celebrated and prizes are given at the end of a procedure.
  • We work hard to make sure patients and parents understand the treatment recommendations, both what we will do and why we think it is in the child’s best interests. Everyone on our team is skilled at communicating complex information in an age-appropriate manner, and strives to ensure our patient and their parent are comfortable going forward.
  • We invite parents to accompany their child throughout their visit, including during treatment. This can ease a little one’s anxiety and reassure their parent about the level of care we’re providing, as they see how gentle and patient we are. It is also a great way to encourage questions and conversation.

Everyone at Frederick Pediatric Dental Associates understands the care we provide helps our patients in the short-term, while also building confidence and comfort in the dental environment. This bolsters a child’s understanding about the importance of dental wellness and instills good dental habits that last a lifetime!

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